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Action and feed. Training at last.
determination. YES!
[He's still in Cherrygrove, but the young Latvian is finally getting serious. He's realised just how close his rival? Mentor? Protector?!] old associate is getting towards him, and he rather foolishly made a challenge... now he needs to get his team sorted out quickly, before that munchlax gets too close or before he's told off for bragging..

The larvitar is for once seeming to be listening very closely to the Latvian, although how he's managed that is unclear at present, it could have somethign to do with a certain Russian having tried to get Raivis to hit it with a stick much earlier, there's a debt to be paid there, and paid in full, or maybe it's to do with the target Raivis has in mind for it... the Latvian himself seems to be wearing all the clothes he currently owns at the same time.

Right... if we can just get you to be listening I know we can be beating him yes? C-come on then... if you are having to use me as target practice.. b-bite..

[This doesn't stop him curling in on himself as the green creature flies towards him mouth open. He's felt those teeth before, he isn't keen on them!

As for why the feed is on? That could have something to do with Raivis' Cleffa egg hatching, there's a pink thing playing happily with the device while that's going on.]

new pokemon for Raivis, unfortunately.
this isnt a good idea
[The feed comes on quite deliberately for once, the young Latvian seeming to be somewhat alarmed, although at least he's now in a new location, he's sat inside the Cherrygrove pokecentre directly in the middle of the floor. There's a strange noise of a pokemon battle that seems to be purely to do with two pokemon themselves. Raivis' Larvitar and his latest addition to his somewhat hostile team, a purple rat. They both seem to be trying to use bite on each other.]

St-Stop it!!! I was bringing you here to make feel better... not to be fighting! Stop fighting!

[He looks back into the camera in desperation]

Other than keeping them in balls all time.. how do you stop pokemon fighting each other please? Th-they... they won't stop trying to bite each other!

although it -is- making change from Larvi trying to be biting me I am supposing...

[He lets out a tiny whimper as the two fly apart from each other and lunge once more each trying to go for the best win.]

You're never going to stop... are you?

Feed 2 from New Bark. Or trials of a Larvitar gaining control
pokemon trainer/breeder
[the feed's up, if only because Raivis has pressed the wrong button while trying to get more information just a little earlier. There's a scuffle going on over in New Bark. Raivis is currently trying to be clever and sneak up on his pokemon who almost seems to have eyes in the back of it's head. Or maybe it's just that whenever Raivis manages to sneak up on it he disturbs the creatures breakfast, or is it lunch, or maybe dinner? Well, whatever it is, it's determined. He's read that little guide book thing, and it seems to suggest that he might get it back in if he tells it to return. So that's roughly what he's trying to do.]

L-Larvi.. r-retu.... Ahh!!

[Pity he can't complete the sentance, everytime he says the creatures name, or ever anything beginning with an "L", it seems to glare at him, it's either using it's favourite leer attack or it's just thoroughly annoyed at the thought of going into the pokeball before it's meal is finished. Trouble is.. there's a -lot- of soil around, it could be a long time like this. Raivis scowls, but he's trembling too hard to actually hold the pokeball effectively now.]


[He's.. just going to keep trying, he hasn't even realised the feeds on yet. This wouldn't be nearly so embarrassing, for the poor lad if it weren't for the fact that Larvitar is starting to make amused noises when it's not eating or glaring at Raivis.]

New Arrival Bark town.
[The camera seems to switch on almost by accident, the blonde boy staring at the gear itself, barely even noticing that he's not recording to anyone who cares to be watching the correct channel at this point in time.]

So... you're... you're known as.. Larvitar?

[The creature is as of yet away from the camera and can only be heard making it's agreement but the blonde nods slowly still looking into the device only just noticing he can now see himself in it.]

W-wait!! This thing.. is.. it's...

[The screen goes black as he pokes it fully on the screen, the picture returning a few moments later with the youngster looking a little more wary of it now].

Well.. umm.. I can't turn it off... any ideas Larvi?

[He crouches down to show the creature the device in the hope it might know how to use it, the larvitar fully visible as it crouches down and calmly ignores the Latvian in favour of the ground. The sound of a hit and a shocked gasp as Raivis tries to stop it]

D-don't!! Don't eat that! If you're hungry say so! I'll find you something! That's.. that's not going to be good for you yes?!

[The screen shows blue sky and clouds as it's dropped to the ground accompanied by a different cry, a cry of pain. The pokemon not appreciating it's dinner being interrupted and having shown it's favourite starting move Bite on the Baltic's hand.]

Application for Luminesti
nice to meet you
application beneath cutCollapse )

Permissions meme
nice to meet you
<"longCollapse )

I.. I don't know -why- this is happening... b...but...

I know who...

Is safest stay inside ja?

Umm... Might want to try and stay warm till is over.

Private to Sea-kun.

This is General Winters doing...

I'm.. sorry.
don&#39;t feel well
I'm sorry Drualt-san... p.. please excuse me from lessons...

I... I don't feel so good right now...

N.. not sure what that was but... the rooms a little strange... dizzy.

Will be at class assoon as I can ja?

Umm.. this room is s..strange...

Th..there's a girl next to me..umm.. the paper says it's... A..alice?

At least she's pretty? W..well... sh..she seems to be anyway... p..please dont' let her wake up ok?

EASTER! Priecīgas Lieldienas!
My apologies for being a little late with this but...

I have a present for everyone, please enjoy it. It is made from my own special recipies!

OOC: Every single room has a basket of easter eggs outside of their door teachers and girls and boys alike, there is a basket for everyone and half the eggs are chocolate and the other half are hard boiled brightly coloured and decorated.

For those that bother to look outside the window a swing is hung on one of the trees and is swaying slightly in the breeze.

Those that wish good fertility this year have a go on the swing, but remember once you get on it, you have to let it stop by itself, you mustn't get off beforehand ja?