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Ravis Galante (Latvia)
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Raivis Galante aka Latvia is owned by the makers of Axis Powers Hetalia and not me, I don't own the character I am only borrowing it for the sake of RP also known as entertainment purposes and am making no profit whatsoever from this.

I'm not sure on who all the pictures/icons belong to, so if you spot something that's yours and want credit for me let me know and I'll credit you, if you'd rather I didn't use it, let me know and I will take it down, after all, fair is fair, if you worked hard on it, then it's your property right?

Latvia is taken from just before the trip to Germany's house for route_29.

Wanna comment on my version of Latvia? Feel free to comment on the HMD post here:

Dont' know what Hetalia is about? It's a great anime/manga. The anime is easy enough to find on Veoh.com or Youtube and Funimations is currently subbing it.

The manga if you wish to read more into things is somewhat all over the place but can be found here: http://aph.starry-sky.com/
Happy reading!

For those interested in the Latvia the country itself here's a brief timeline:

http://www.balticsworldwide.com/tourist/latvia/history.htm Also, I would suggest looking up it's culture etc, it's a fascinating read!